August 30, 2021

Backplane Systems Technology is proud to present Neousys’s Nuvis-7306RT series, which is an all-in-one powerful machine vision computer incorporating every function needed for machine vision applications. Powered by Intel® 9th/ 8th-Gen Core™ i7/i5, Nuvis-7306RT brings tremendous computing power for image processing.

Nuvis-7306RT integrates a constant-current lighting controller, isolated 12V camera trigger output, encoder input for position information and DIO to connect sensors/ actuators. Furthermore, Nuvis-7306RT can overcome latencies between the sensor input and trigger output. It offers microsecond-scale real-time I/O control that guarantees in-time or in-position image capture.

For deep learning vision applications, Nuvis-7306RT can accommodate an NVIDIA® 120W TDP GPU to leverage state-of-the-art object detection/ classification, neural network models. Built-in vision-oriented I/O along with remarkable performance makes Nuvis-7306RT the most exceptional vision controller that fits right into the modern vision industry.

Key Features:

  • Intel® 9th/ 8th-Gen Core™ i7/i5 LGA1151 socket-type CPU
  • Integrated Vision-Specific I/O
  • Patented MCU-based, Real-Time I/O Control by DTIO V2 and NuMCU
  • Built-In Camera Interfaces
  • Two x16 PCIe Slots for NVIDIA 120W GPU and/or Image Capture Card

See Image:Nuvis-7306RT Series



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