2200 Series Trackball

SKU 3833

These 38mm trackballs provide smooth, accurate and responsive cursor control in wet, dirty or aggressive environments. Each device automatically configures to provide USB or PS2 connectivity. Two selector (click) buttons (supplied separately) can be configured to provide either left and right click functions or for both buttons to provide left click functions only. These trackballs can be installed as a flush mounted component in a control panel or equipment housing. Cables enabling connection to either USB or PS2 systems are supplied separately.

Please see the product PDF for more in-depth product specifications and do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

  • Smooth, Responsive, and Precise Cursor Control
  • Vandal Resistant Version with Stainless Steel Retention Ring and Mirror Finish Steel Ball
  • Robust Version with Tough Black Phenolic Resin Ball
  • IP65 Waterproof and Dustproof when Stationary, IP54 in Rotation
  • Robust Chassis for Maximum Resistance Against Hard Use, Abuse, and Vandalism
  • Automatic USB or PS2 Connectivity
  • -20°C ~ 60°C Operating Temperature Range

2200 Series Vandal Resistant Version: Stainless Steel Retention Ring, Mirror Finish Steel Ball, IP65/IP54 Rating, and USB or PS2 Connectivity

2200 Series Robust Version: Tough Black Phenolic Resin Ball, IP65/IP54 Rating, and USB or PS2 Connectivity

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