CK5 Glass Keyboard

CK5 Glass Keyboard is a capacitive desktop keyboard with a glass surface. The CK5 keyboard is washable, rugged, splash-proof, and provides high resistance against chemicals. In addition, it has a compact layout and comes with a rear-side VESA mounting option.

Key Features:

  • Complete Flat Gorilla® Glass Surface
  • Washable and Easy to Disinfect
  • Key Lock to Disable the Keyboard before cleaning
  • Compact Keyboard Layout
  • The Combination of the Trackpad and Num-Block offers an extra Large Touchpad
  • Volume and Sensitivity can be Adjusted Individually
  • Rear-side VESA Mounting Option (200mm, 2 x M4)
  • EMC Compliant with EN 60601-1-2 Edition 4


Cat.No.        Product description                                                                        Layout
KR26202    TKR-098-TOUCH-KGEH-VESA-WHITE-USB-DE                German
KR26211     TKR-098-TOUCH-KGEH-VESA-WHITE-USB-CH                 Swiss
KR26204    TKR-098-TOUCH-KGEH-VESA-WHITE-USB-FR                 French
KR26214     TKR-098-TOUCH-KGEH-VESA-WHITE-USB-SKAN           Scandinavian
KR26212     TKR-098-TOUCH-KGEH-VESA-WHITE-USB-UK UK         English

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