10-ch Thermocouple Input Module



  • 10 Analog Inputs
  • Provides Stable and Consistent Temperature Output
  • Current, Voltage, and Thermocouple Inputs
  • High Over-voltage Input Protection
  • High Common Voltage Protection
  • Individual Channel Configuration
  • Open Thermocouple Detection
  • Built-in Dual Watchdog

Backplane Systems Technology is proud to introduce ICP DAS I-7018Z-G/S3. The ICP DAS I-7018Z-G/S3 is a high-performance 10-channel thermocouple input module designed for precise and reliable temperature measurement. This versatile module supports current, voltage, and thermocouple inputs, making it suitable for various industrial applications. It features automatic cold-junction compensation for each channel, ensuring consistent and stable temperature outputs. With high over-voltage and common voltage protection, the I-7018Z-G/S3 provides robust performance in harsh environments. Each channel can be individually configured, and the module includes open thermocouple detection to ensure accurate data collection. Built-in dual watchdog timers enhance operational reliability, and compliance with CE, UKCA, FCC, RoHS, and WEEE standards underscores its quality and safety.

The module’s ability to handle multiple types of analog inputs, including a wide range of voltage inputs from +/-15 mV to +/-2.5 V, adds to its flexibility. Overvoltage protection up to 240 Vrms safeguards the device from electrical surges. Additionally, the M-7018Z variant supports both Modbus RTU and DCON protocols, providing easy integration into various industrial systems. The I-7018Z-G/S3 is ideal for applications in building automation, factory automation, machine automation, remote maintenance, remote diagnosis, and testing equipment, offering a reliable and accurate solution for temperature monitoring and control.

Ordering Information

I-7018Z-G/S3     CR  10-ch Thermocouple Input Module using DCON Protocol (Gray Cover) (RoHS)
Includes DN-1823 Daughter Board, CA-2525015D 15 cm Cable and Plastic DIN Rail (4PAPP-006-G)