InduProof™ Smart Pro, which is the hygienic premium keyboard for use in hospitals, in laboratories, or in food production.

Key Features:

  • Can be fully cleaned and provides comfortable typing
  • Locking key to prevent any incorrect commands from being triggered
  • Adjustable illumination
  • Magnetic mountings to attach the unit to iron metal surfaces in a flexible way
  • Individual modifications on request

Order No.         Product description                                                                          Layout
KG21254              TKG-107-TOUCH-IP68-WHITE-MAG-BACKL-USB-DE                 German
KG22203             TKG-107-TOUCH-IP68-WHITE-MAG-BACKL-USB-US/EU          US / EU
KG22227             TKG-107-TOUCH-IP68-WHITE-BACKL-USB-DE                             German
KG22228             TKG-107-TOUCH-IP68-WHITE-BACKL-USB-US/EU                     US / EU
KG22225             TKG-107-TOUCH-IP68-WHITE-MAG-USB-DE                                 German
KG22226             TKG-107-TOUCH-IP68-WHITE-MAG-USB-US/EU                         US / EU

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