LP-8×41 Series

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LinPAC-8000 is the new generation Linux-based PAC (Programmable Automation Controller) from ICP DAS and is equipped with a PXA270 CPU (520 MHz) running a Linux kernel 2.6 operation system, multiple communication interfaces (VGA, USB, Ethernet and RS-232/485) and 1/4/8 slots for high performance parallel I/O modules (high profile I-8K series) and serial I/O modules (high profile I-87K series).

System Features

  • OS: Linux kernel 2.6:Open Sourse
  • Development Environment
    • Provide LinPAC SDK for Windows and Linux Environment
    • Support for GNU C Language
    • Support for JAVA: JVM, JIOD (Java I/O Driver)
    • Support for GUI: Using GTK + Library
    • Support for Server: Web, FTP, Telnet & SSH Server
  • Supported Communication
    • Wireless, PPP over Modem, GPRS, Ethernet, Dual LAN
    • VxComm
    • Expansion Serial Ports
    • USB to Serial Converter
    • DCON and Modbus Protocols
    • Built-in Video Program support for USB WebCam
  • Protocol: CAN Bus Network, Modbus TCP/RTU, SNMP
  • Interpret: Perl, PHP
  • Security: Firewall, NAT, VPN, Unique Serial Number

Hardware Features

  • Powerful CPU Module
  • Built-in VGA Port: 640 x 480 ~ 800 x 600
  • 64-bit Hardware Serial Number
  • Rich I/O Expansion Ability
  • I/O Module Hot Swap Ability * Will be available (For High Profile I-87K Modules Only)
  • 128 MB SDRAM
  • Dual Watchdog Timers
  • Dual Battery Backup SRAM (512 KB)
  • Dual Ethernet Ports
  • Redundant Power Inputs
  • DIN-Rail or Wall Mounting
  • Operating Temperature: -25 ~ +75 °C

LP-8141-EN: Standard LinPAC-8000 with 1 I/O Slot (English Version of OS)
LP-8441-EN: Standard LinPAC-8000 with 4 I/O Slots (English Version of OS)
LP-8841-EN: Standard LinPAC-8000 with 8 I/O Slots (English Version of OS)