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Entry-Level, Twin Head Fanless Signage Player, AMD G-Series 4 Cores @ 2.0GHz APU

The AMD Embedded G-Series APU, packs two (2) CPU cores and eighty (80) GPU cores on one piece of silicon. It supports applications DirectX® 11, Direct Compute 11, OpenCLTM 1.1 and OpenGL 3.2. Also included is AMD’s UVD3 hardware video decoder which handles full HD playback of MPEG2, MPEG4, H.264, WMV9 and VC-1 video streams.

  • iSMART – for EuP/ErP power saving,
  • auto-scheduler and power resume
  • AMD Embedded G-Series SoC (Max. 4 Cores @ 2.0 GHz)
  • Integrated 80 Core DirectX 11.1 GPU in processor
  • Supports DASH function for remote control
  • Supports 2x HDMI 1.4a
  • Supports 1x DDR3-1600 SO-DIMM, Single Channel (Max.8GB)
  • 1x Mini PCI-E(x1) slots for mSATA,
  • WiFi + Bluetooth, 3G, and TV tuner optional board
  • Fanless, super slim and compact design

SI-22-415:  Signage Player with G-Series 4 Cores @ 1.5 GHz APU, 4GB DDR3 SO-DIMM, 64GB mSATA, 60W power adaptor.

SI-22-415M:  Signage Player with G-Series 4 Cores @ 1.5 GHz APU and 60W power adaptor (without memory & mSATA)


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