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Located in Sydney, Australia, we specialise in the supply of high integrity electronic 'building blocks' for data acquisition, monitoring and control systems. These items include:

  • Board level products based on industry standard bus structures such as PICMG, ISA/PCIbus, PC/104 and embedded formats.
  • Assembled and tested industrial computer systems.
  • A wide range of products such as industrial keyboards, flat panel displays/PC's/workstations and racking/enclosure products.

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Backplane Systems Technology announces the release of

Seismic Alarm Recorder with Metal casing

SAR-713 is an advanced technology seismic alarm recorder with a tri-axial MEMS accelerometer and acquires vibration signal by 100Hz sampling rate. It can be used to establish a complete earthquake warning system, a vibration monitoring system for blasting in mines, building vibration monitoring etc. SAR-713 is not only a seismic switch, it is inclusive of 2 digital outputs for alsrm switching, and a vibration/earthquake data recorder for research analysis. It can give real time display maximum intensity according to CWB (Central Weather Bureau, Taiwan) or GB/T 17742-2008 (China) earthquake intensity standard, maximum vector, instant tri-axial acceleration, etc. SAR-713 also supports NTP function to keep internal time within 1 second accuracy. In connectivity, SAR-713 offers both MB/TCP and MB/RTU server for easily connection of host PC, PLC, HMI or SCADA and also provides active connection to host MB/TCP server ability which is useful to deploy without real IP. A software utility is available.

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