February 20, 2019

Here at Backplane Systems Technology, we’re entering our 30th year of service in the industrial technology sector with a bright face and fresh branding—rejuvenating our logo as we celebrate the ways in which the industry has grown, and we have grown with it. Please, join in this momentous occasion and review our journey with us.

Backplane Systems Technology (BST) was created on the 13th of March, 1989, in response to Australia’s growing demand for custom backplanes in the industrial control and automation sectors. Since that day, we have been an Australian owned and operated provider of high quality industrial technology—growing to specialise in the rugged-embedded field, of course.

When we started business in the 80s, our focus was on backplanes, PLCs, and the niche market of systems integrators who were in increasing need of custom solutions. As a small business, our experience in the Australian market has been an exciting one; with our close team, we have been able to form close, long-term connections with our customers and suppliers, while still reacting quickly to changes in the market and to newly introduced technologies. The industrial-grade computer age introduced x86 platforms, which in turn led to the development of today’s smaller, faster, and more rugged PCs, which have entered the market in tandem with the driving force of mobile applications.

Demand has grown worldwide for artificial intelligence based solutions like autonomous vehicles, machine vision, and autonomous driving, and we are proud to say that over the past 30 years, we have consistently been able to meet the changing demands of the industry and overcome whatever troubles have drifted our way. Our specialties have expanded with the industry’s growth, and now include rugged-embedded mobile computing.

The BST website was created with our wide product range in mind as a database system. While this was effective on the back-end for managing our many goods, we would be the first to admit this was an unwieldy solution and recognise that as a reflection of our dedication to customer connections and ease of use, and of our ability to keep up with this ever-developing industry, it must be updated. As such, with our new branding also comes our brand-new website, geared towards you and your convenience as a customer. Just as the industry has developed, so must we and our website in order to present the very best level of service.

Having reached this milestone, we are now looking forward to a future in which BST doubles down on our customer focus, utilising our unique product range to help the Australian businesses who rely on us and our solutions for their own work in Australia and expanding into the world market. Because we deal directly with our manufacturers and the design engineers who craft the components of our custom systems, we aren’t just a reseller—we have the technical and design support available to assist you at every level. It is this customer support focus that we are dedicating ourselves to with our new branding, in 2019 and all the coming years beyond.

Industrial-Grade DDR5 DRAM Modules

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SBOX-2621 Intel Gen 6 i7-6600U Fanless Box PC

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