December 5, 2018

Backplane Systems Technology is proud to introduce Winmate’s New Modularised Design M-Series HMI featuring Intel Kaby Lake Processor.

Production line controllers often require high performance human machine interfaces to control the production process overview. Acting as the central controller for a whole production line, the HMI has to be able to integrate data from various sensors and different parts of the production facility and be easy to use. As an integral part of the assembly line, the HMI can not afford have any downtime. Winmate’s multi-touch M-Series HMI is designed to provide a versatile and cost-effective solution for your industrial needs, featuring a powerful Intel® Core™ i5 Kaby Lake processor and a modular design that allows for easy maintenance, serviceability, and part replaceability.

By having a simple board to board docking connector that connects the Box PC and Display modules, users can easily change the display size or box pc depending on their needs. The projected capacity multi-touch screen is equipped with an industrial motherboard and offers various input/output connectors. Winmate’s M-Series HMI is now available with Intel® Core™ i5 Kaby Lake CPU; Intel® Atom™ or Intel® Core™ i5 processors onboard with fanless cooling system assure steady performance and silent functioning.

The M-Series HMI perfectly fits in applications where total costs of ownership (TCO) and quick recovery of failure is important. The flexible system design provides easy access to components and can be serviced by local maintenance team.

Key Features:

  • Powerful Intel® Core™ i5 Kaby Lake Processor
  • Modular design – Box PC and Display Modules for Easy Servicing
  • 12”~21.5” Display Sizes
  • P-Cap Multi-Touch Screen
  • Front IP65
  • Various I/O Connectors Including Options for Digital I/O

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