July 29, 2022

Backplane Systems Technology is proud to present MPL’s CEC-2x, which is the new generation of a low-power, highly integrated, flexible and rugged computer. The solution can be used for any computer application where the most reliable solution is needed.

The CEC-2x integrates standard connectors for easy connection or lockable headers, depending on chassis choice. Therefore, the CEC20 Family can be used for any x86 application (Industry, Railways, Maritime, Defense) where a complete but still expandable and flexible solution is needed.

The CEC2x comes with onboard NVMe mass storage and supports various other types of mass storage. The onboard m.2 Key-B slot can be used for multiple expansion options. The board is equipped with a high-density expansion connector with PCIe, USB, I2C interfaces. This allows us to expand the CEC2x with our standard I/O board or semi-custom designed I/O board according to the customer needs and with the minimal development effort. The CEC2x supports standard SO-DIMM DDR4 and can support IBECC (In Band ECC).

Key Features:

  • DDR4 RAM up to 32GB (support of IBECC)
  • 1 & 2.5 Gbit Ethernet ports
  • Fanless Operation
  • Longterm Availability (until 2035 with selected CPUs)
  • Expansion port for Standard or Custom IO Board
  • Intel Atom Processor x6000 Family
  • Low Power Consumption 4.5 -12W (TPD CPU)
  • Onboard NVMe Flash (120GB)
  • 1, Isolated Serial Ports

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