September 28, 2022

Backplane Systems Technology is proud to present Gett Asia’s Easy Basic Compact Keyboard, which is ideal for environments that have stringent hygiene conditions. As the easy basic compact keyboard is washable and splash waterproof with a compact-space-saving design.

Keyboards are an ideal environment for germs and bacteria. Dirt collects at the most inaccessible points and that makes them difficult to clean. This gives rise to potentially hazardous situations for hygiene-sensitive areas like the health sector. Therefore, a keyboard is needed that offers high cleanability. The Cleantype Easy Basic keyboard offers an enclosed housing that is dustproof and waterproof. As a result, you can clean and disinfect the units completely. This then totally prevents any bacteria and germs from gathering on the surface. The products offer a wide variety of options and functions and have a long serviceable life.

Lastly, the keyboard also has a medical certification to provide surety for its suitability for the health sector.

Key Features:

  • IP68 Rated Medical Keyboard
  • 15 cm Shorten Cable with USB Waterproof silicone cap
  • 4 standard keyboard LEDs (Num, Scroll, Caps lock, CLEAN Mode)
  • Can be Cleaned with Common Detergents
  • Additional USB Extension Cable Provided
  • Integrated Clean Mode for Cleaning

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