December 5, 2022

Backplane Systems Technology is proud to present Gett Asia’s Easymouse, which is an IP68-rated mouse that is ideal for medical applications where cleaning standards are stringent.

With medical facilities being continuously exposed to infectious diseases, especially in the era of a pandemic, cleanliness is key. Operating solutions are drastically underestimated as sources of germs in the everyday medical world. Gaps and grooves are ideal places for pathogens to gather unnoticed and multiply. This is particularly disastrous for people with a compromised immune system, in intensive care units, for example. It is vital to remove any sources of danger, which could worsen people‘s state of health.

In order to prevent invisible sources of danger, special technologies are required that can be used in medical settings. Easymouse is such technology that is easy to clean and it is designed so that bacteria and germs cannot collect in tiny grooves.

Key Features:

  • IP68 Rated Medical and Industrial Mice
  • Plastic Mouse with Scroll Wheel
  • Optical Detection
  • USB Plug with Protection Cap

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