July 24, 2023

Backplane Systems Technology is pleased to present iBase’s EC350. The iBase EC3500, designed with NVIDIA® Jetson™ AGX Orin technology, revolutionizes edge AI computing, offering a dynamic solution for industries such as healthcare, retail, transportation, and manufacturing. It boasts either an 8-core or a 12-core NVIDIA Arm® Cortex A78AE v8.2 64-bit processor, delivering impressive processing power for demanding AI workloads.

This system stands apart with its NVIDIA Ampere GPU, featuring 1792 or 2048 cores, in combination with 56 or 64 Tensor Cores, enabling simultaneous execution of multiple AI applications. It excels in tasks such as object detection, computer vision, and natural language processing, making it a versatile tool in AI technology.

The EC3500’s exceptional expandability is another standout feature. It supports M.2 B-Key 3042/3052 with a micro-SIM holder for cellular functionality, an M.2 E-Key 2230 for WiFi/BT/GPS functionality, an M.2 M-Key 2280 socket for ample storage, and a 16-lane MIPI expansion for customization. Accommodating a wide power input range of 9V~36V DC and supported by Ubuntu 20.04 OS, the EC3500 is an all-encompassing solution for AI applications.


Key Features:

  • 8-core NVIDIA Arm® Cortex A78AE v8.2 64-bit CPU 2MB L2 + 4MB L3 / 12-core NVIDIA Arm® Cortex A78AE v8.2 64-bit
  • CPU 3MB L2 + 6MB L3
  • 1792-core NVIDIA Ampere GPU with 56 Tensor Cores / 2048-core NVIDIA Ampere GPU with 64 Tensor Cores
  • 1x M.2 B-Key 3042/3052 (LTE/5G – USB3) w/ micro sim holder: cellular function
  • 1x M.2 E-Key 2230 (PCI-E/USB2): WiFi/BT/GPS function
  • 1x M.2 M-Key (NVMe) 2280: storage function
  • 1x 16-Lane MIPI Expansion Connector
  • Wide Power Input Range 9V~36V DC
  • Supports Ubuntu 20.04 OS

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