July 14, 2023

Backplane Systems Technology is pleased to present Innodisk’s EMPL-G101. Innodisk’s latest release, the EMPL-G101, raises the bar for networking modules. This mPCIe to single isolated GbE LAN Module provides users with robust networking capabilities along with the highest standards of protection and durability.

The EMPL-G101 offers a single isolated GbE LAN port, engineered for superior, dependable network connectivity. This module stands out for its strict compliance with safety and durability standards, including EN61000-4-5 for 1kV Surge protection and IEC 60950-1:2005 + A1: 2009 + A2:2013 for 2kV HiPOT protection. Additionally, it satisfies EN61000-4-2 specifications for Air-15kV and Contact-8kV electrostatic discharge protection.

The EMPL-G101 has been designed with flexibility and customizability in mind. Its flexible daughter board comes with a cable to accommodate different systems. Optional terminal mounting holes or brackets for the daughter board are available, offering further adaptability.

Innodisk offers optional industrial temperature support for -40°C to +85°C, making it a durable and resilient choice for industrial applications. The module’s 30µ” golden finger underscores its superior quality, further supported by a 3-year warranty.

With its blend of reliability, robustness, and adaptability, the EMPL-G101 embodies Innodisk’s commitment to industrial-grade design and manufacturing excellence.


Key Features:

  • Single isolated GbE LAN ports
  • Complies with EN61000-4-5 1kV Surge protectio
  • Complies with IEC 60950-1:2005 + A1: 2009 + A2:2013 2kV HiPOT protection
  • Complies with EN61000-4-2 (ESD) Air-15kV, Contact-8kV
  • Flexible daughter board with cable to fit into different system
  • Optional terminal mounting hole or bracket for daughter board
  • Optional Industrial Temperature (-40°C to +85°C) support
  • 30μ ” golden finger, 3 years warranty
  • Industrial design, manufactured in innodisk Taiwan

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