May 7, 2020

Backplane Systems is proud to introduce ICP DAS’ GPS-721U-MRTU Remote GPS Receiver Module with 1 DO and 1 PPS Outputs.

The GPS-721-MRTU, a new GPS solution for Remote GPS Receiver module ensures high sensitivity and low power consumption with an ultra-small form factor and supports the NMEA 0183 GPS protocol. The embedded GPS module is powered by a MediaTek solution and can provide superior performance, even in an urban environment, or an environment that features dense foliage.

In addition to the ability to acquire GPS data, the GPS-721-MRTU includes a single Digital Output channel and a single PPS (pulse per second) channel that can be used for precise timekeeping and time measurement. PPS functionality can be combined with an additional external time source in order to synchronize signal operations and provides the full date and time for accurate and precise applications.

Consequently, the GPS-721-MRTU can act as a powerful remote GPS module as well as a general-purpose GPS module with an RS-232 interface. It can also be applied to applications related to automotive navigation, personal positioning and navigation, marine navigation, and satellite time correction. etc.

ICP DAS now also provides an option that allows NMEA 0183 format GPS data to be converted to Google Maps format. This feature is available for both the DCON and Modbus protocols from firmware version 2.10 or later.


  • Support 32-Channel GPS and NMEA v0183 (Baudrate 9600 bps)
  • RS-485 Supports DCON Protocol and Modbus RTU
  • RS-232 Supports NMEA v0183 Format, DCON or Modbus RTU Protocol
  • Built-in 1 Channel DO, 1 Channel PPS (1 Pulse Per Second), 1 RS-485 Port, 1 RS-232 Port
  • PPS: 100ms Pulse Output/Sec for Precise Timekeeping and Time Measurement
  • 10 ~ 30 VDC – (Power Reverse Polarity Protection)
  • With Various System LED Indicators
  • DIN Rail Design

Product Page: GPS-721U-MRTU

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