September 8, 2023

Backplane Systems Technology is pleased to present Innodisk’s IAGCO. The quality of indoor air has emerged as a pressing concern in our modern lives. Be it homes, offices, or public spaces, the demand for precise air monitoring tools is escalating. Catering to this burgeoning need, Innodisk introduces its state-of-the-art digital carbon monoxide sensor module – the IAGCO.

Tailored for indoor air quality monitoring, IAGCO is adept at serving security monitoring needs and seamlessly integrating into wireless sensor networks. Its primary role is the meticulous detection of carbon monoxide concentrations around its installation point. Renowned for its exemplary performance, the IAGCO offers a perfect blend of technological prowess and enduring reliability.

The sensor’s rapid response and recovery time make it a standout, ensuring users are promptly informed about any perilous carbon monoxide concentrations. Noteworthy is its incredible stability and prolonged lifespan, hallmarks of Innodisk’s commitment to quality. Besides, it boasts wide operating ranges, accommodating varied temperature, humidity, and voltage conditions.

Perhaps, the most distinguishing trait of the IAGCO is its on-chip data processing capability. Eliminating the need for external libraries, it simplifies operations while ensuring no undue strain on the main control unit (MCU). From smart home systems, HVACs, and home appliances to the burgeoning realm of IoT devices, the applications of Innodisk’s IAGCO are vast and varied, marking it as a cornerstone in modern air quality monitoring solutions.


Key Features:

  • Fast response and recovery time
  • High stability & long life
  • Low cost but high performance
  • Wide operating ranges
    – temperature: -10 to +50°C
    – humidity: 15 to 90%
    – VDD: 3.1V to 3.5V
  • Hassle-free
    – on-chip data processing
    – no need for external libraries
    – no impact on MCU

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