October 13, 2023

Backplane Systems Technology is pleased to present Innodisk’s IAGM1. In an age where indoor air quality has gained paramount importance, formaldehyde stands out as a concerning pollutant often hidden in our environments. Cue in the Innodisks IAGM1. This digital formaldehyde gas sensor is tailor-made for monitoring indoor air quality, security systems, and integration into wireless sensor networks. Its primary goal? Detecting formaldehyde concentrations with unparalleled precision near its installation site.

The IAGM1 isn’t just about detection; it’s about speed and accuracy. Its rapid response and recovery time means it doesn’t just detect; it acts swiftly. Durability is another feather in its cap. With high stability and a promise of long life, this sensor is a one-time investment for prolonged peace of mind.

Budget constraints often lead to compromises, but not with the IAGM1. It offers premium performance without the hefty price tag, proving that quality and cost-effectiveness can indeed go hand in hand. And its versatility is impressive. Whether it’s the chilly cold at -10°C or a humid environment at 90%, the IAGM1 operates seamlessly. Even its VDD range, from 3.1V to 3.5V, speaks to its adaptability.

But what truly sets it apart is its user-centric design. The on-chip data processing eliminates the need for external libraries, ensuring a smooth integration experience. Plus, with zero impact on the MCU, it’s as hassle-free as a sensor can get. In a world where technology can often be daunting, the IAGM1 stands as a beacon of user-friendly, high-performing innovation.


Key Features:

  • Fast response and recovery time:
  • High stability & long life:
  • Low cost but high performance:
  • Wide operating ranges:
    – temperature: -10 to +50°C
    – humidity: 15 to 90%
    – VDD: 3.1V to 3.5V
  • Hassle-free:
    – on-chip data processing
    – no need for external libraries
    – no impact on MCU

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