October 18, 2023

Backplane Systems Technology is pleased to present Innodisk’s IAGVOC. In the rapidly advancing world of environmental technology, Innodisk’s IAGVOC emerges as a leader. This digital total volatile organic compounds (TVOC) gas sensor is designed for precision, efficiency, and adaptability, making it an essential tool for today’s needs.

One of its standout features is its Fast Response & Recovery Time. This ensures real-time monitoring and swift reaction to any fluctuation in TVOC levels, ensuring immediate readings and adjustments. Coupled with its High Stability & Long Life, users can expect consistent performance over extended periods, underlining its value as a durable and long-term investment.

In terms of cost-benefit, the IAGVOC shines. It offers Cost-Effective Excellence. Despite being reasonably priced, its quality and performance match, if not surpass, its higher-priced counterparts.

Adaptability is another strong suit. The sensor boasts Wide Operating Ranges, flourishing in varying conditions. Whether it’s temperature fluctuations from -10 to +50°C, humidity shifts between 15 to 90%, or a VDD ranging from 3.1V to 3.5V, the IAGVOC remains unfazed.

Lastly, for those seeking a seamless user experience, the IAGVOC promises Hassle-Free Operation. With on-chip data processing and no need for external libraries, its integration into systems is smooth. Moreover, its presence doesn’t affect the MCU, ensuring consistent performance.

In applications like indoor air quality monitoring, security surveillance, or wireless sensor networks, the IAGVOC is more than just a sensor—it’s the future of environmental monitoring.


Key Features:

  • Fast response and recovery time:
  • High stability & long life:
  • Low cost but high performance:
  • Wide operating ranges:
    – temperature: -10 to +50°C
    – humidity: 15 to 90%
    – VDD: 3.1V to 3.5V
  • Hassle-free:
    – on-chip data processing
    – no need for external libraries
    – no impact on MCU

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