September 11, 2023

Backplane Systems Technology is pleased to present iBase’s IB838. The emergence of the IB838 3.5” single board computer (SBC) marks a significant stride in industrial computer technology. Powered by the Intel® Core™ i3 N-series, formerly known as Alder Lake-N, this low-power SBC promises impressive computational capability coupled with advanced features designed to cater to a wide array of sectors like industrial automation, retail displays, and transportation.

What stands out is its capability to function reliably amidst varying power conditions, courtesy of its broad 9V~36V DC input range. This makes the IB838 particularly adept for transportation and outdoor settings. Its multifaceted connectivity options, ranging from Type-C, DP++, and either eDP or LVDS for display, enhance its adaptability. The board also boasts of two Intel® PCI-E 2.5G LAN ports, multiple USB ports, and support for DDR5 SO-DIMM, ensuring rapid and reliable data management.

The future-ready design of the IB838 is evident with its support for CNVi, paving the way for 5G. Paired with a high-speed SATA III port and dual M.2 sockets, the board offers immense storage and expansion opportunities. Moreover, with integrated fTPM and a Watchdog timer, system stability and security are reinforced, cementing the IB838 as a dependable powerhouse for contemporary applications.


Key Features:

  • Intel® Core™ i3 N-series (formerly Alder Lake-N) Processor
  • 1x DDR5 SO-DIMM, Max. 16GB
  • Supports Type-C & DP++ and eDP or LVDS
  • 2x Intel® PCI-E 2.5G LAN
  • 2x USB 2.0, 4x USB 3.2 (1x Type-C + 3x Type-A), 4x COM, 1x SATA III
  • 2x M.2 sockets (E-key + B-key), supports CNVi
  • 9V~36V wide-range DC input
  • Supports fTPM, Watchdog timer, Digital I/O

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