September 29, 2023

Backplane Systems Technology is pleased to present GETT Asia’s KSI-U10100. In the realm of medical equipment, cleanliness and functionality are of utmost importance. GETT ASIA’s KSI-U10100 keyboard is a testament to this principle, setting new standards for healthcare professionals worldwide.

Sporting an IP68 rating, this keyboard guarantees top-notch protection against both dust and water. Whether it’s accidental spills or rigorous cleaning protocols, the KSI-U10100 can endure it all without compromising its performance. Its silicone construction not only ensures its durability but also offers a tactile experience that’s unmatched in the medical arena.

With its 15 cm shortened cable equipped with a USB waterproof silicone cap, this keyboard is designed for convenience and functionality in mind. Users can be assured of connection stability and safety, reducing risks of device damage due to moisture.

The four standard keyboard LEDs (Num, Scroll, Caps lock, CLEAN Mode) provide visual indications, ensuring that users can keep track of their keyboard status with ease. The inclusion of the CLEAN Mode is particularly significant for medical settings, allowing the staff to sanitize the keyboard without unintentionally pressing keys.

Furthermore, the KSI-U10100 can be cleaned with common detergents, eliminating the need for special cleaning agents. And, for those instances where a bit more reach is necessary, an additional USB extension cable is thoughtfully provided.

In summary, the KSI-U10100 isn’t just a keyboard; it’s a game-changer in medical environments, epitomizing functionality wrapped in robust silicone protection.


Key Features:

  • IP68 rated medical keyboard
  • 15 cm shorten cable with USB waterproof silicone cap
  • 4 standard keyboard LEDs (Num, Scroll, Caps lock, CLEAN Mode)
  • Can be cleaned with common detergents
  • Additional USB extension cable provided

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