September 27, 2023

Backplane Systems Technology is pleased to present Neousys mPCIe-M2E. In today’s fast-evolving technological landscape, the need for adaptable connectivity solutions is paramount. Enter Neousys’ mPCIe-M2E adapter, a game-changer in extending the capabilities of mPCIe slots.

The mPCIe-M2E, part of Neousys’ innovative mPCIe-M2x series, is designed specifically to enable mPCIe slots to accommodate the cutting-edge WiFi 6 module in the M.2 2230 E key form factor. This allows users to leverage the power and speed of WiFi 6 without having to overhaul their existing hardware setups.

But the mPCIe-M2E isn’t alone. Neousys offers a suite of adapters – mPCIe-M2B, mPCIe-M2E, and mPCIe-M2M – each crafted to support different M.2 module types. This ensures users can maximize the adaptability of their mPCIe sockets regardless of the M.2 module they possess.

What sets the mPCIe-M2x series apart is its industrial-grade durability. Tested rigorously, these adapters have proven their resilience, functioning seamlessly in extreme temperatures ranging from -25°C to 70°C. Plus, with a sleek, 5mm-tall design, they effortlessly fit into compact systems, even those with space constraints.

In conclusion, the Neousys mPCIe-M2E and its counterparts are more than mere adapters; they’re a testament to future-ready, adaptable connectivity solutions.


Key Features:

  • Enable user to use M.2 2230 E key WiFi module on mPCIe slot
  • -25°C to 70°C operation

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