April 17, 2023

The railway industry is one of the most critical sectors that require reliable and high-performance computing solutions. The railway industry is characterized by harsh operating environments, including extreme temperature variations, shock and vibration. In addition, the systems deployed in trains must meet stringent safety requirements to prevent any accidents or incidents.

One of the essential aspects of the railway industry is compliance with the EN50155 standard. This standard outlines the minimum requirements for electronic equipment used on rolling stock. The standard is designed to ensure that the equipment used on trains is reliable, safe, and can withstand the harsh operating environments.

Backplane Systems Technology is pleased to present Neousys Nuvo-2610VTC EN50155 railway certified computing system. The Nuvo-2610VTC series is a rugged Intel® Atom®-based in-vehicle computer that offers four M12 Gigabit PoE+ connectors and one front-accessible 2.5″ HDD tray. This computer is designed to meet the needs of a variety of applications such as on-road, off-highway, or railway applications. It is perfect for mobile gateways, data loggers, and network video recorders (NVR).

The Nuvo-2610VTC series is powered by Intel® Elkhart Lake Atom® x6425E quad-core CPU, which provides 1.8x the CPU performance when compared with the previous generation, Nuvo-2510VTC. To ensure robust Ethernet connectivity, the Nuvo-2610VTC series offers four Gigabit PoE+ ports via M12 x-coded connectors and one USB 3.1 port with the screw-lock mechanism. The internal M.2 2280 SATA SSD is used for system storage, while the front-accessible 2.5″ HDD tray can accommodate a 2.5″ SATA HDD/SSD with up to 15mm height and 5TB capacity. The Nuvo-2610VTC also provides two mini-PCIe sockets for WiFi, GNSS, and CAN modules plus one M.2 3042/3052 B Key socket for 4G/5G mobile broadband module for internal expansion.

The Nuvo-2610VTC series is an ideal rugged, multi-purpose, in-vehicle computer for aftermarket on-road in-vehicle applications. The rugged M12 PoE+ connectivity and built-in SuperCAP UPS can withstand harsh and unstable electrical environments for off-highway applications such as rolling stock, trucks and cargo vehicles. The Nuvo-2610VTC series also offers Intel® Elkhart Lake Atom® x6425E quad-core 2.0GHz/ 3.0GHz 12W processor, -40°C to 70°C fanless operations compliant with EN 50155 Class OT4, 4x PoE+ GbE ports via M12 x-coded connectors, 1x front-accessible 2.5” 15mm HDD tray and 1x M.2 2280 SATA SSD, 1x M.2 3042/3052 B Key for 4G/5G mobile broadband, 2x full-size mini-PCIe sockets for WIFI/CAN/GNSS modules, and 8-35V wide-range DC input with built-in ignition power control.

The Nuvo-2610VTC series comes in three variants to meet versatile in-vehicle deployment conditions. The Nuvo-2611VTC is equipped with an embedded SuperCAP UPS to withstand power interruptions or voltage fluctuations on the train and can sustain the system for a proper shutdown when the power is cut-off. The Nuvo-2612VTC has a Cassette module for an additional Gen3 x2 PCIe slot that can accommodate an AI accelerator module with a tailor-made thermal solution. With the AI accelerator, it becomes a fanless GPU computer for intelligent video analytics or a data logger with perception capability.

Provided By Neousys

For more information contact: Backplane Systems Technology www.backplane.com.au


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