December 7, 2021

Backplane Systems Technology is proud to present Neousys’s PB-2580J-SA Series, which is an Industrial-grade Standalone Intelligent Supercapacitor-based Uninterruptible Power Backup Module. Utilizing state-of-the-art supercapacitor technology, it can operate in harsh environments from -25°C to 65°C and have extremely high durability lasting over 10 years.

PB-2580J-SA is composed of eight 100F/ 2.7V supercapacitors offering 9250, 4600 and 2580 watt-second energy, allowing extra extended operation time to backup your system. Due to the patented CAP energy management technology, PB-2580J-SA can reliably supply up to 70W of power to the back-end system and automatically manage boot and shutdown without installing additional drivers/ software. In addition to the UPS-like power backup mode, it also offers two advanced ignition control modes for in-vehicle usage.

PB-2580J-SA can work with either standard box-PC or in-vehicle controller to provide a stable power supply and execute user-configurable power-on/ power-off delay according to IGN signal input. Featuring various modes, automatic shutdown control and up to 70W output power, PB-2580J-SA series can work with most off-the-shelf box-PCs. And with properties such as maintenance-free energy storage and uninterruptible power supply, the PB-2580J-SA series can prevent the connected back-end system from data loss during a power outage in harsh industrial environments

Key Features:

  • Universal Standalone Power Backup Module Compatible with all Box-PCs
  • Supercapacitor-Based, -25 to 65°C Wide Temperature Operation
  • Up to 2580 Watt-Second Energy Capacity
  • Maximum 70W Output Power for the Connected Back-End System
  • Over 10 years Lifespan, and 500,000 Charging/ Discharging Cycles
  • Patented CAP Energy Management Technology*
  • Extending Back-up Time in the Event of an Unforeseen Power Outage
  • Monitoring Energy and Power Consumption to Extend Operation Time for Safe System Shutdown
  • Versatile Operating Mode
  • *R.O.C Patent No. I598820

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