August 9, 2023

Backplane Systems Technology is pleased to present Neousys PB-9250J-110V. The modern railway sector has evolved remarkably, but power stability remains a challenge, especially when trains transition through railroad switches or level crossings. Stepping up to this challenge is Neousys’ groundbreaking PB-9250J-110V, a SuperCAP UPS tailored specifically for burgeoning railway applications.

At its core, the PB-9250J-110V isn’t just any UPS. It is a standalone supercapacitor-based UPS module that boasts an impressive 9250 watt-second energy capacity. With an input tailored for 110V DC, this module is aptly designed for the challenging conditions of railway applications. Unlike traditional UPS systems that rely on batteries, the PB-9250J-110V leverages eight 370F supercapacitors, ensuring not just a wide operational temperature range, but also a remarkable lifespan of up to a decade.

What makes the PB-9250J-110V stand out is Neousys’ patented CAP energy management technology. This innovative feature enables real-time monitoring of energy and power consumption, safeguards against voltage fluctuations, and facilitates both auto and manual shutdown control.

This UPS doesn’t just manage power; it communicates, too. Embedded digital output channels offer insights into system status, from charging dynamics to power button control. Certified by EN 50155 and EN 45545, the PB-9250J-110V doesn’t just promise reliability; it guarantees it. As computer systems become ubiquitous in railway operations, the need for dependable power backup solutions like the PB-9250J-110V becomes paramount. It’s not just a UPS; it’s a beacon of stability in a world on the move.


Key Features:

  • Universal standalone power backup module compatible with all box-PCs
  • Supports 43-160V wide-range DC input for railway application
  • Supercapacitor-based, -40 to 70°C operation for EN 50155 OT4 class conformity
  • 9250 watt-second energy capacity
  • Maximum 120W output power for the connected back-end system
  • Over 10 years lifespan, or 500,000 charge/ discharge cycles
  • Patented CAP energy management technology*
  • Extending back-up time in the event of an unforeseen power outage
  • Monitoring energy and power consumption to extend operation time for safe system shutdown
  • EN 50155 and EN 45545 certificate

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