March 6, 2023

Backplane Systems Technology is pleased to present Neousys PCIe-PoE454. For cutting-edge machine vision applications, PCIe-PoE454at is a 4-port, industrial-grade 5GBASE-T frame grabber card with 802.3at PoE+ support. The dedicated 5 Gb/s Ethernet bandwidth for each port is provided by the Marvel AQC111C 5GBASE-T Ethernet controller. It can also transmit data via cost-effective Cat 5e Ethernet cables up to 100 metres without bandwidth degradation, and it is backwards compatible with 2.5G, 1G, and 100M link speeds to support classic Ethernet devices.


A developing technology, particularly for the machine vision sector, is 5GBASE-T, also known as NBASE-T. Higher resolution and frame rate are supported by cameras with a 5GBASE-T Ethernet interface thanks to their up to 5 times greater Ethernet capacity than Gigabit Ethernet-equipped counterparts. High port density is provided by PCIe-PoE454at, which offers four 5GbE ports on a typical half-size PCIe card form factor. Furthermore, it has IEEE 802.3at PoE+ PSE functionality, allowing you to easily power the NBASE-T camera with a single Ethernet connection.


The PCIe-PoE454at is the perfect frame grabber for machine vision systems that require several high-resolution 5GBASE-T cameras because it offers a high port density, 24/7 dependable operation, and great throughput performance without frame loss.



Key Features:


  • 4x IEEE 802.3bz 5GBASE-T Ethernet ports by four Marvel AQC111C controllers
  • Compliant with IEEE 802.3at to deliver up to 25.5 W for each port
  • Supports 5G/ 2.5G/ 1G/ 100M link speed
  • x4, Gen3 PCI Express interface offering 4GB/s total bandwidth
  • Per-port PoE+ power on/ off control
  • Compatible with COTS NBASE-T industrial cameras

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