CAN-8223 main control unit is specially designed for the slave devices of CANopen protocol. It follows the CANopen Spec DS-301 V4.02 and DSP-401 V2.1, and supplies and supplies many features for users, such as dynamic PDO, EMCY object, error output value, SYNC cyclic and acyclic, …and etc.

• NMT : Slave
• Error Control : Node Guarding and Heartbeat Producer protocol
• No. of PDOs : 16Rx , 16Tx
• PDO Modes : Event Triggered, Remotely requested, Cyclic and acyclic SYNC
• PDO Mapping : Available
• No. of SDOs : 1 server, 0 client
• Emergency Message : yes
• CANopen Version : DS-301 v4.02
• Device Profile : DSP-401 v2.1
• Baud Rate Setting by Rotary Switch : 10K, 20K, 50K, 125K, 250K, 500K, 800K, and 1Mbps
• Produce EDS file Dynamically : yes
• CAN, ERR, and Tx/Rx LED : yes

CAN-8223-G: CANopen Remote I/O Unit with 2 I/O Slots