CAN-8424 (I-8420)

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The CAN-8424 main unit based on the modular design offers many good features to the users and provides more flexibility in data acquisition and control system. In addition, ICP DAS also presents a CAN-8424 Utility tool to allow users to configure and create the EDS file for the specific IO modules plugged in. Therefore, users can easily apply the CAN-8424 embedded controller in DeviceNet network. The application architecture is demonstrated as follows:

See the Product PDF Datasheet for Full Specifications.

  • DeviceNet Version: Volume I & II, Release 2.0
  • Number of Nodes: 64 max.
  • Baud Rate: 125, 250, 500 kbps
  • Support Message Groups: Predefined Master/Slave Connection set (Group 2 only Server)
  • I/O Operating Modes: Poll, Bit-Strobe, Change of State / Cyclic
  • Device Heartbeat & Shutdown Message
  • Produce EDS file Dynamically
  • of Fragment I/O: 128 Bytes max. (Input / Output)
  • MAC ID Setting by Rotary Switch
  • Baud Rate Setting by Rotary Switch
  • Status LED: NET, MOD, PWR
  • Support Hot Swap and Auto-Configuration for high profile I-87K I/O Modules

CAN-8424-G: DeviceNet remote I/O unit with 4 empty slots