Mini weather station can measure weather information and air quality



  • Real-time measurement of outdoor weather information and hazardous gas decetion.
  • Molding in one, can be matched with straight/ horizontal rod body, easy to install
  • Provide RS-485 and Ethernet (PoE) communication interfaces
  • Support Modbus RTU/TCP, MQTT communication protocols
  • Can be integrated with the WISE controller to set alarm notifications to keep you informed
  • Combining with the ExoWISE, simple logic control settings

Backplane Systems Technology is proud to introduce ICP DAS DLW-1243. ICP DAS introduces the DLW-1243 Mini Weather Station, an innovative device designed to revolutionize the monitoring of weather conditions and air quality in various sectors. This compact, versatile tool is capable of real-time measurement of outdoor weather information and hazardous gas detection, making it an essential component for environmental monitoring and smart agricultural practices.

The DLW-1243 distinguishes itself with its molding-in-one design, which allows for easy installation on either straight or horizontal rods. It provides robust connectivity options through RS-485 and Ethernet (PoE) communication interfaces and supports Modbus RTU/TCP and MQTT communication protocols. This enables seamless integration with the WISE controller for setting alarm notifications, thus ensuring that users are promptly informed about critical conditions. Furthermore, when combined with ExoWISE, users can execute simple logic control settings, enhancing operational efficiency.

Equipped with CE, UKCA, RoHS, and WEEE certifications, the DLW-1243 boasts a mini automated surface observation area with minimized sensors placed on PCB for accurate air quality index monitoring. Its innovative positive and negative pressure ventilation system ensures precise data collection by maintaining airflow and turbulence. The device’s IP54-rated protection against water ingress and its replaceable filter patch system, which prevents dust and other particles from entering, underscore its durability and reliability in extreme conditions.

The DLW-1243’s applications span across IoT & agricultural technology, data management for multiple stations, marine affairs and ports monitoring, large-scale farming, and industrial exhaust emissions monitoring. Its ability to collect comprehensive data on weather conditions and gas concentrations makes it an invaluable tool for improving air quality, enhancing agricultural productivity, and supporting environmental protection efforts. With the DLW-1243, ICP DAS demonstrates its commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions for a sustainable future.

Ordering Information

DLW-1243     CR  Mini weather station can measure weather information (wind speed, wind direction, temperature, humidity), air qulity (CO, CO2, NH3) (RoHS)