EtherCAT Four-Channel BISS-C/SSI Absolute Encoder Master



  • EtherCAT slave
  • Four channels, 48-bit absolute encoder master
  • Transmission interface: BISS-C, SSI
  • Data encoding mode: Binary, Gray
  • CRC generator polynomial can be customized, and themaximum setting is within CRC-8
  • Support CRC bit Invert
  • Maximum transmission pulse frequency: 10MHz
  • Simultaneous sampling of each channel
  • EtherCAT:

‣ 2 x RJ-45 bus interface

‣ Supports Free-Run and Distributed Clock (DC) operation modes

Backplane Systems Technology is proud to introduce ICP DAS ECAT-2074A. The ECAT-2074A stands as a notable advancement in the field of automation and control, serving as a robust EtherCAT slave and an absolute encoder master. This cutting-edge device is engineered to cater to four channels, each capable of operating independently, thus offering unparalleled flexibility and efficiency in precision position measurement applications. With its support for both SSI (Serial Synchronous Interface) and BiSS-C (BiSS Continuous Mode) as transmission interfaces, the ECAT-2074A ensures reliable and seamless data communication.

A remarkable feature of this device is its ability to support a transmission frequency of up to 10MHz, coupled with a maximum transmission bit depth of 48 bits. This includes error bits, warning bits, and CRC in BiSS-C mode, highlighting its capability to handle complex data with high accuracy. Moreover, the ECAT-2074A allows for the customization of the CRC generator polynomial, supporting settings within CRC-8 and offering CRC bit Invert functionality for enhanced data integrity.

The simultaneous sampling of each channel, along with the support for Free-Run and Distributed Clock (DC) operation modes, further accentuates its utility in applications requiring precise synchronization and timing. With its dual RJ-45 bus interface, the device ensures robust connectivity and network integration, making it a reliable component in any EtherCAT network setup.

Designed to cater to applications requiring precision position measurement, such as in robotics, CNC machines, and automation systems, the ECAT-2074A excels in providing accurate and reliable data transmission over distances up to 70 meters. This capability, combined with its advanced features, positions the ECAT-2074A as a critical tool for engineers and professionals in the automation industry, aiming to enhance operational efficiency and accuracy.

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ECAT-2074A     CR  EtherCAT Four-Channel BISS-C/SSI Absolute Encoder Master (RoHS)