PROFIBUS to CANopen Gateway



  • Protocol & Hierarchy : DP-V0 Slave
  • Transmission Rate Setting : detected automatically
  • Max Input Data Length : 240 Bytes
  • Max Output Data Length : 240 Bytes
  • PROFIBUS Address Setting : 0~126 set by DIP switch
  • Supports CANopen Standard : CiA CANopen Standard DS-301 v4.02
  • Supports CANopen Consumer protocol : Node Guarding and Heartbeat Consumer protocol
  • Number of CANopen Commands : Support 110 CANopen SDO/PDO commands
  • Network Isolation Protection : 2500 Vrms High Speed iCoupler
  • DC Isolation Protection : 3000VDC on PROFIBUS side

Backplane Systems Technology is proud to introduce ICP DAS GW-7553-CPM-M. The ICP DAS GW-7553-CPM-M is a PROFIBUS to CANopen Gateway designed to integrate CANopen slave devices into a PROFIBUS DP network seamlessly. This gateway is engineered to support the DP-V0 Slave protocol, with automatic detection of transmission rates, ensuring easy setup and efficient operation.

Key features include a maximum input and output data length of 240 bytes, and a PROFIBUS address setting range of 0 to 126, configured via a DIP switch. It fully supports the CiA CANopen Standard DS-301 v4.02, along with the CANopen Consumer protocols, including Node Guarding and Heartbeat Consumer protocol. The device can handle up to 110 CANopen SDO/PDO commands, providing robust communication capabilities.

For enhanced reliability and protection, the GW-7553-CPM-M features 2500 Vrms high-speed iCoupler network isolation and 3000VDC isolation protection on the PROFIBUS side. It also complies with CE, UKCA, RoHS, and WEEE standards, ensuring safety and environmental responsibility.

The GW-7553-CPM-M gateway simplifies the integration of CANopen devices into a PROFIBUS network, making it an ideal solution for industrial, factory, and process automation applications. Utility software is provided to help users configure the gateway effortlessly, enhancing its usability and functionality in complex automation environments.

By deploying the GW-7553-CPM-M, users can achieve efficient and reliable communication between PROFIBUS and CANopen networks, ensuring smooth operations and improved automation performance.

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GW-7553-CPM-M     CR  PROFIBUS to CANopen Gateway (Metal Case) (RoHS)