SKU 4113

The HRT-227CS is a HART to Fiber converter paired used to extend HART communication distance via single mode fiber optic transmission medium. In order to solve the problem between HART and fiber transmission medium, HRT-227CS is specially designed for converting the HART signal to fiber optic cables. Built-in a HART 250 Ω loop resistor adjustable by dip switch. Therefore, users can make data collection and processing of HART network easier and quicker by applying HRT-227CS.

  • Support HART Short/Long frame
  • Support HART Burst mode
  • Support point-to-point or multi-drop HART mode
  • Support connecting up to 15 HART slave devices
  • Allow two HART masters
  • Provide HC_Tool utility for module configuration
  • Support firmware update via ComPort
  • Fiber Type: SC ; Single mode ; 100 Base-FX
  • Maximum transmission distance up to 30 km
  • 4KV ESD Protection
  • Built-in Watchdog
  • Selectable 250 Ω load resistor
  • The HART port with the same Group ID can communicate with each other

HRT-227CS: HART to Single Mode Fiber Converter (RoHS)