I-8431-MTCP/I-8831-MTCP & I-8431-80-MTCP/ I-8831-80-MTCP

SKU 2880

I-8000E-MTCP are Modbus/TCP I/O units with Modbus communication protocol. They support most of 8K and 87K series I/O modules, such as DI, DO, DIO, AI, AO, etc.. Most SCADA software support Modbus communication protocol, thus users can easily and quickly integrate remote I/Os to the SCADA software as data acquisition and monitor to apply to environment monitoring, power management, factory automation, etc.

  • Supports Modbus/RTU to Modbus/TCP converter.
  • Supports VxComm technique for every COM port of controllers.
  • Supports 8K and 87K DI/DO/AI/AO modules.
  • Automatically scan I/O modules and range I/O registers address to continuous.
  • Support power on value and safe value for analog/digital output module
  • Allowed several host PCs( client ) access simultaneously.
  • Firmware modifiable
  • Modbus SDK (in C language):
  • We provide Modbus SDK to users. You can use it to integrate several serial devices. Thus the controller can be a Modbus/TCP slave and Modbus/RTU master. The Modbus SDK has below features:
  • Supports extra user-defined command protocol (TCP/P)
  • Register based programming method (easy to use)
  • Provides user-defined registers
  • Communicate with Modbus/RTU device
  • Communicate with other device
  • Firmware programmable

I-8431-MTCP: Modbus/TCP Embedded Controller with 4 empty slots

I-8831-MTCP: Modbus/TCP Embedded Controller with 8 empty slots

I-8430-MTCP: Modbus/TCP Embedded Controller with 4 empty slots

I-8830-MTCP: Modbus/TCP Embedded Controller with 8 empty slots

I-8431-80-MTCP: I-8431-MTCP (80M CPU)

I-8831-80-MTCP: I-8831-MTCP (80M CPU)