Centralized System Monitoring Solution



  • Multi OS Support
  • Auto Alert
  • RAID 1 Protect
  • Wide temperature

Backplane Systems Technology is proud to introduce iEi’s IRM-TSi410X-8G2H-R10. IEI Technology Corp has revolutionized the way industrial PCs are monitored and managed with their innovative iRM (IEI Remote Management) solution. This centralized system is specifically designed to streamline operations technology (OT) tasks on a daily basis, enhancing service availability on the edge side of network infrastructures.

The iRM stands out as a single-point solution for monitoring all critical industrial PCs, such as Industrial Servers, IPCs, and virtual IPCs within an OT network. What sets iRM apart is its ability to provide a unified interface for global OT/IT infrastructure oversight, enabling monitoring tasks to be completed in a fraction of the time it would traditionally take.

One of the core benefits of the iRM is efficient management and troubleshooting. It offers seamless monitoring and centralized control of managed applications, which drastically improves the availability of services. Quick issue diagnosis tools ensure that device accessibility is maintained, significantly reducing potential downtimes.

Security is also a top priority for the iRM, which features a secure server platform. The wide-temp mini server comes with a pre-installed operating system and boasts a one-click OS recovery feature. Data protection is enhanced through a wide selection of RAID configurations.

The cross-platform capabilities of iRM mean it is fully compatible with any x86 platform, ensuring versatility and ease of integration. Additionally, customizable email alerts provide tailored notifications, keeping teams informed in real-time.

The IRM-TSi410X-8G2H-R10 model epitomizes the ruggedness and reliability required in harsh industrial environments. This fanless IRM Mini Server is equipped with the robust Intel® Atom® x6425E processor, 8GB of RAM, and 2 industrial-grade 512GB SSDs preinstalled. With 4 drive bays, HDMI™ output, and a power input range of 9-36V DC or a 90W AC adapter, it is compliant with RoHS standards and ready to handle demanding OT tasks.

IEI’s iRM solution delivers not just a product but an essential facility for modern industrial setups, ensuring increased efficiency, security, and service availability where it matters most.


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