MN-AD8-DIN is a Motionnet 8-channel analog input I/O module. The max device capacity can be loaded 64 I/O modules on each Motionnet communication port. Thus, each port can be expended into 512 analog input points at once. The communication latency between two devices is 15.1μsec so that the max communication latency with 64 I/O modules on one communication port is 0.97 ms. The I/O connection status update is automated and real-time by hardware without occupied CPU time. The 16 bit high precision resolution analog input is provided +/- 10V range,5V reference voltage with low shift, and hardware calibration in off set and gain for easy usage to customers.

• 8 +/- 10 V analog input
• RJ-45 communication port
• 2 way isolation on power, communication
• Tiny design(90×75×57mm), DIN rail compatible
• 16-bit high resolution, 0.3mV min
• High precision and low shift reference 5V inside
• Hardware offset, gain calibration to EEPROM storage
• Rapid A/D transferation. Sampling rate = 250 ksps

MN-AD8-DIN CR: Distributed Motionnet 8-ch Analog Input Module (RoHS)