SKU 3621

The PCI-P16C16 is a 5 V PCI card that support Plug & Play functionality to automatically obtain I/O resources from the BIOS. This card contains 16 optically isolated digital input channels and 16 open collector (sink, NPN) digital output channels. The DI channels provide 5000 Vrms isolation protection that allows the input signals to be completely floated so as to prevent ground loops and isolate the host computer from damaging voltages. The open collector output (DO) channels are typically used for alarm and warning notification, control of signal output, control of external circuits that require a higher voltage level, and signal transmission applications, etc. The PCI-P16C16 contains a single DB-37 connector and a single 40-pin box header and includes a 40-pin to DB-37 flat cable for easy wiring.

  • 16 open collector digital output channels
  • 16 optically isolated digital input channels
  • Selectable DC signal input filter
  • AC Signal input with filter
  • External power status LED indicator
  • Supports Plug & Play to obtain I/O resources
  • No more manually settings of I/O address and IRQ

PCI-P16C16:  16-channel isolated digital input & 16-channel open-collector output Board
(Current Sinking, NPN type)