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The PIO-D144U/D144LU universal PCI card supports 3.3 V/5 V PCI bus. These cards provide 144 TTL digital I/O lines that are grouped into eighteen 8-bit bi-directional ports. Each group of three 8-bit ports is arranged on the connector as Port A (PA), Port B (PB) and Port C (PC), respectively, and all ports are configured as inputs Ports on power-up or after a reset.

The PIO-D144U/D144LU provides six connectors for I/O wiring, while the provides a high-density connector that reduces the amount of installation space required for the card in the computer.

  • Support the +3.3/+5 V PCI bus for PIO- D144U/D144LU
  • Support the +5 V PCI bus for PIO- D144
  • 144 I/O Lines
  • Double side SMT, short card, power saving
  • Connect directly to DB-24P,DB-24R, DB-24PR, DB-24SSR, DB-24POR and other OPTO-22 compatible daughter board
  • Eighteen 8-bit bi-direction I/O ports
  • Emulate 6 Industrial standard 8255 PPI ports (mode 0)
  • Programmable interrupt
  • Card ID function for PIO-D144LU
  • Provide four interrupt sources
  • Output status readback
  • DIO response time is about 0.77 μs (1.3 MHz max.)

PIO-D144U CR: Universal PCI, 144-channel DIO board (RoHS)
PIO-D144LU CR: Universal PCI, 144-channel DIO board (RoHS)