PIR Motion Sensor, Temperature and Humidity Sensor Module(High Sensitivity / Height 4 m / Diameter 14 m)(Ethernet)



  • Adjustable Time-Delay
  • 4 PIR Motion Sensors for increased sensitivity and range
  • Internal Photosensor for Smart Switch Control
  • LED Indicator for PIR/Temperature Sensor
  • Temperature Sensor for Measuring Room Temperature
  • Suitable as either Temperature or Fire Alarm
  • Relay Output Can be Used to Control Light Via the PIR/Temperature Sensor
  • Provide High Power Relay Output to turn ON/OFF the Lighting, Support Lighting Module (Max.):
    • Incandescent Lamp: 40 W/ 220 VAC * 8 Sets
    • LED(Electronic ballast): 40 W/ 220 VAC * 10 Set
  • Wide range of Communication Interfaces and Protocols
  • Ceiling or Surface-Mount Design

Backplane Systems Technology is proud to introduce ICP DAS PIR-234L-E. The ICP DAS PIR-234L-E sensor module combines a PIR motion sensor with temperature and humidity sensing, ideal for both residential and commercial use. Its high sensitivity covers a 4-meter height and a 14-meter diameter, making it highly effective in various environments.

This module’s standout feature is its adjustable time-delay, allowing customization of sensor activity duration post-motion detection. It houses four PIR motion sensors, enhancing sensitivity and detection range. An internal photosensor smartly adjusts to environmental light, complemented by an LED indicator for the PIR and temperature sensor status. The integrated temperature sensor is key in maintaining comfortable room conditions.

Beyond motion sensing, the PIR-234L-E can function as a temperature or fire alarm. Its relay output controls lighting via the PIR or temperature sensor, supporting multiple lighting setups including incandescent and LED lights. Compatibility with various communication interfaces and protocols like RS-485, Ethernet, and Wi-Fi, along with DCON and Modbus RTU/TCP support, ensures seamless system integration.

Installation and maintenance are streamlined with a screw-free quick-connect connector and simple switch controls. The fireproof casing and minimalist design add to its practicality and aesthetic appeal.

Versatile in application, the PIR-234L-E is suitable for lighting in diverse settings, enhancing safety, comfort, and energy efficiency with its advanced sensor technology.


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PIR-234L-E     CR  PIR Motion Sensor, Temperature and Humidity Sensor Module(High Sensitivity / Height 4 m / Diameter 14 m)(Ethernet) (RoHS)