Industrial 4-Port RS-232/422/485 Modbus Gateway


Key Features:

  • Integrated Ethernet and RS-232/RS-422/RS-485 serial interface
  • Supports 32 Modbus TCP master and slave mode devices
  • Industrial standard 12~48V DC power backup, or 9~48V DC and 24V AC power backup Supports 10/100BASE-TX RJ45 transmission distance up to 100 meters
  • Support Modbus RTU. ASCII Master/Slave

Backplane Systems Technology is pleased to present APLEX’s SiER-G4201M. The APLEX SiER-G4201M is a robust industrial 4-port RS-232/422/485 Modbus Gateway designed to meet diverse industrial needs, integrating seamlessly into smart manufacturing environments. This device serves as an industrial panel PC, HMI controller, gateway, and industrial display monitor, all in one.

A key method to introduce AIoT into factories is creating a digital information environment. By facilitating data exchange between devices and the edge through networks, Modbus gateways and Ethernet switches become crucial in smart manufacturing. The APLEX SiER series, which includes the SiER-G1101M, SiER-G2201M, and SiER-G4201M, provides comprehensive Modbus gateway solutions, while the SiER-S0802N caters to Ethernet switch needs.

The SiER-G4201M stands out with its four COM ports and two LAN ports, functioning as a conversion bridge between Modbus TCP/IP Protocol and Modbus RTU/ASCII Protocol via RS232/422/485 serial and 10/100BASE-TX RJ45 Ethernet ports. It also features an alarm function to alert administrators of any device abnormalities, and includes digital I/O for customized applications, allowing for real-time device status detection and logging.

Complementing this is the SiER-S0802N, an 8-Port 10/100BASE-TX industrial fast Ethernet switch, supporting IEEE 802.3az for efficient high performance with low power consumption and flow control for stable data transfer.

Constructed with a rugged design, the SiER series has passed shock-proof and vibration-proof testing, ensuring durability in extreme conditions with operating temperatures ranging from -40˚C to 75˚C (and up to 85˚C for SiER-G1101M and SiER-G2201M) and wide-range DC power voltage input.

APLEX’s smart visualization software system supports edge computing and cloud computing configurations, enhancing the SiER series’ flexibility and capability in smart manufacturing. This system aids in rapid deployment to smart manufacturing management systems, supports various database platforms, and simplifies data visualization for easier analysis, making it ideal for applications like control management, factory automation, surveillance systems, data centers, and traffic control.

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Industrial 4-Port RS-232/422/485 Modbus Gateway