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The STEP-200 is a 2-axis, command-based stepper motor controller board for IBM PC/XT/AT bus-compatible devices. The board can also be used for pulse-type servo motor control (pulse input type). The board includes a build-in μP that performs a variety of motion control commands and shares the loading of the host computer. A 2 KB FIFO is included as a command buffer, which provides a buffer time of 1360 ms. The hardware architecture of STEP-200 is ideal for the Windows operating system, and drivers for DOS and Windows are provided offering real-time motion control solutions for Windows systems.

See the Product PDF Datasheet for Full Specifications.

  • 2-axis independent, simultaneous stepper motor control/servo motor control (Pulse input type)
  • Drivers for DOS, Windows 95/98/ME, Windows NT
  • Embedded Microprocessor
  • Command Type Interface
  • Linear and circular interpolation
  • Acceleration/deceleration: Automatic trapezoidal acceleration/deceleration
  • Output polarity can be programmable
  • 5 optical isolated digital inputs per axis for limit switches

STEP-200: ISA Bus, 2-axis High-speed Stepper Motor Control Card (Limited Functions and Economical)
Includes: CA-PC25M (25-pin Male D-Sub Connector with Plastic Cover)