In the hands of workers, tablets are transforming operations by increasing their connectivity and making information more accurate and immediate. The result is reduced costs, faster response to changes, increased flexibility, and better decision making. But not all tablets are created equal. - February 20, 2019

As industry transitions into production and capital expenditure falls off, efficiency is now critical.

How do you save time, increase productivity, decrease disruptions and downtime, and improve asset utilisation all at once?

The key to this is the tablet, with its blend of portability, communications, and accessibility.

According to PR Newswire’s Global Rugged Tablet Market – Forecasts from 2017 to 2022 report, there is increasing uptake of mobile technologies by industry, with the rugged tablet market projected to grow 4.92 per cent to $US592.9 million ($811.7 million) by 2021–2022.

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Six Ways Rugged Tablets are Changing Mining

PulM-10G4SF-XL710-BP Intelligent Bypass NIC

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M133KML(HB) 13.3″ Military Ultra Rugged Tablet

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DRPC-310-AL – Fanless DIN-Rail Embedded System

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