September 14, 2020

Backplane Systems Technology is proud to present Aplex’s TiTAN-300 Palm-Sized Ruggedized System Edge Computing for Various Industrial Applications.

TiTAN-300 is a Palm-Sized Ruggedized Box PC that can be applied to a wide range of Industrial Applications. The compact, palm-sized, fanless, and rugged design provides easy configuration and installation.

It features Intel Celeron N3350 (Dual-Core) or N4200 (Quad-Core) processor for quick and efficient processing speeds, one 204 pin SO-DIMM DDR3L slot for up to 8GB of memory, and USB Type-C I/O for faster data, power, and video signal transmission along with ALT mode. The TiTAN-300 also provides one mSATA and one SD slot for storage.

Additionally, it has dual display capability with a Display Port and USB-C ALT Mode port, as mentioned above. TiTAN-300 can be deployed as an Edge Computing device or an IoT Gateway in Industrial Applications such as Kiosk, Processing Control, or Automation Control, etc.

TiTAN-300 will enhance your edge computing performance, improve efficiency and productivity.

Key Features:

  • Intel Celeron N3350 or N4200 CPU
  • 1 x SO-DIMM up to 8GB Memory
  • USB Type-C Support
  • 1 x Display Port
  • 2 x USB3, 2 x LAN
  • 1 x mSATA, 1 x SD
  • 1 x Mini PCIe for Wi-Fi/GPS/LTE
  • I/O Expansion Modules
  • Wide Range DC 9~36V Power Input

Product Page: TiTAN-300

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