August 16, 2023

Backplane Systems Technology is pleased to present Innodisk‚Äôs U.2 SSD 4TG2-P series. In the realm of advanced storage solutions, Innodisk’s U.2 SSD 4TG2-P has firmly placed itself at the forefront. Recognized as an NVMe Express SSD, it adopts the PCIe SFF-8639 module design with a PCIe interface combined with 3D TLC NAND Flash. This impressive technology is not just about the architecture; it’s about the incredible speed and performance it offers.

Enabled with PCIe Gen 4×4 and in full compliance with NVMe 1.4, this SSD ensures rapid and efficient data transfer, setting new industry benchmarks. One of its standout features is the sophisticated error detection and correction (ECC) functionality. By harnessing the Low-Density Parity-Check (LDPC) ECC engine, the U.2 SSD 4TG2-P delivers End-to-end Data Path Protection, ensuring a seamless and secure data transmission between the host system and NAND Flash.

What’s even more impressive is its capacity. Supporting up to 8TB, it is a formidable choice for servers and applications with intense data workloads. Moreover, its heat-spreading design guarantees optimal performance even under challenging conditions.

In conclusion, for those seeking a blend of high capacity, ultra-speed, and utmost data security, Innodisk U.2 SSD 4TG2-P is undoubtedly the future-ready solution.


Key Features:

  • PCIe Gen. 4×4, NVMe 1.4
  • Excellent data transfer speed
  • Heat-spreading design
  • LDPC ECC engine supported
  • End-to-end Data Path Protection
  • High capacity & ultra-speed

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