May 5, 2020

IoT in Traffic Analysis System

IIoT analytics is by name, the data analysis collected by Internet of Things! Through interconnected IoT devices and systematic processes to analyse mass data collected. The data may be generated from IoT device sensors, manufacturing equipment, weather stations, vehicles, machinery, etc. The breakdown of mass data may assist in the efficiency and effectiveness improvement of the collective’s overall operation.

One of the challenges of IIoT analytics is big data integration and it is defined by the 3Vs: Volume, Variety and Velocity. Volume is the mass data collected and generated by devices. Variety refers to the different types of data generated by different devices. Velocity is the speed at which the collected data is sent and processed. The simultaneous expansion and evolvement of these three factors determine the efficiency and effectiveness of IIoT analytics.

Role of Neousys System

The above illustration shows Neousys IGT series role in a traffic analysis system. Neousys IGT series receives data from pressure sensors, traffic recording, info-system display, weather, speed, etc. (Volume and Variety) while simultaneously returning instant data to remote servers (Velocity). The specific application in this scenario was to analyze bicycle traffic in a predetermined area. The data collection includes bi-directional data for specific peak periods during the day, the types of traffic (bike, pedestrian, vehicle) passing by and their speeds while passing through the area. The application aims to provide a better understanding of traffic/ vehicles co-existence between bicycles, pedestrians and other vehicles so appropriate regulations and paths can be developed for smooth traffic flow.

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