The CAN-8224 main control unit is specially designed for the slave device of DeviceNet protocol. It follows the Specification of DeviceNet. In order to expand I/O channel more flexible, an CAN-8224 supports 2 slots for I/O expansion and suits with a lot of ICP DAS DI/AI/DO/AO modules. Users can choice DI/DO/AI/AO modules of I-87K series or I-8000 series to fit the customized practice applications. In addition, we also provide CAN Slave Utility to allow users to create the EDS file dynamically. The EDS file is based on DeviceNet and can be compatible with different DeviceNet master interfaces.

• DeviceNet Version : DeviceNet Specification Volume I & II, Release 2.0
• Number of Nodes : 64(Max)
• Baud Rate : 125K, 250K, 500K
• Support Message Groups : Group 2 only Server
• UCMM : Not Support
• I/O Operating Modes : Poll, Bit-Strobe, Change of State/ Cyclic
• No. of Fragment I/O : 128 Bytes (Max) (Input/ Output)
• MAC ID Setting : Rotary Switch
• Baud Rate Setting : Rotary Switch

CAN-8224-G: DeviceNet Remote I/O Unit with 2 I/O Slots