SKU 3611

The PEX-P16POR16i is a PCI Express card. This card provides 8 or 16 optically isolated input channels and 8 or 16 PhotoMOS Relay output channels. Both the isolated DI channels and the PhotoMOS Relay channels use a short optical transmission path to transfer an electronic signal between elements of a circuit and keep them electrically isolated. The P16POR16i series card provides 2000 VDC for DI channel isolation protection, allowing the input signals to be completely floated so as to cut down ground loops, block voltage spikes, and isolate the host computer from damaging voltages.

  • Selectable DC signal input filter
  • AC signal input with filter
  • LED power indicator
  • Long life and high reliability PhotoMos relay
  • Low leakage current when PhotoMos relay is off
  • No contact bounce, no sparking
  • No acoustical noise
  • High speed DIO operation
  • Supports Plug & Play to obtain I/O resources
  • No more manually setting of I/O address and IRQSupports the +5 V PCI Bus
  • 16 PhotoMos Relay output channels
  • 16 Optical isolated digital input channels
  • 5000 Vrms photo-isolation protection

PEX-P16POR16i CR: PCI Express x1, 16-channel isolated digital input.16-channel PhotoMos Relay output (RoHS)
Includes one CA-4037W cable and two CA-4002 D-Sub connectors.